About Quick Crown:

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 12.13.07 PMQuick Crown moldings are a revolution in the industry. They are the quickest and easiest crown moldings to install available. It is perfect for all the DIY’ers, contractors, designers, and architects. No hammers, nails, screws, or air compressors needed. No compound miter cuts, or fighting with long and heavy wood mouldings to nest into your saw. No nail holes to fill, no toxic dust.

The patent pending flat back design engineered into out moldings make them a dream to cut and install. Just press the back of the molding against the back of your miter saw to make a cut, then install with simple painters caulk. Apply a bead to the back of the molding and hold for 10 seconds. It’s that easy. See for yourself! We can take it a step further and supply you with corner blocks or custom cut corners to make it even simpler.

Quick Crown’s “SuperSkin” surface is an integral part of the molding, not a plaster or painted coating. It needs no primer, just one or two coats of latex paint for a perfect finish. Unlike wood, mdf, or polyurethane, our HD polystyrene moldings are dimensionally stable. No more unsightly joints that open up, quickcrown allows for a virtually seamless installation. You can even install our moldings in a steamy bathroom with no ill effects.

We have six different profiles with three different sizes in each profile. Two of our profiles are available in a special design for vaulted ceilings. Enough choices to cover any design requirements.

Quick Crown is here to make things simple and easy to Do-It-Yourself. For all people in the industry, just check out our WHERE TO BUY page for more information about becoming a dealer or installer. If we can make things any less complicated we would. If you have any ideas, thoughts, or questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Enjoy your new crown molding!